Fiber Tours ... read all about 'em!

This October will be our third annual trip to the west coast of Ireland where I'll be teaching a 3 day workshop on knitting as part of an 11 day tour of Ireland.  A big highlight of the tour will be our visit to the huge Knit 'n Stitch Show in Dublin.  This is about the biggest fiber/stitchery show, having venues in London and Edinburgh as well.  Our tour is full but if you'd like to read an article from Belle Armoire magazine about our 2005 trip, click on  the "Articles about Tours" in my categories section.

You can also read an article from Knitting Style magazine about our trip to Australia and New Zealand.  I had 23 people on the trip...quite a handful!

Am already starting to get excited about next year's trip/tour/workshop which will to be Isle of Skye in Scotland (September 2008).  Stay tuned!   

Off to Ireland, again

Ireland_2 Our third knitting workshop will take place October 23-November 3, 2007. 

The tour costs have been kept very low....this year's cost is $2380 and includes a visit to Inis Mor, the largest of the Aran Isles and a two-day stay in Dublin where we will attend the enormous and exciting Knit and Stitch Show

Tour cost includes most everything except round trip airfare to Dublin and some lunches and a dinner or two.  Some of my favorite memories are of our evenings spent at the wonderful Mulloc Fraoig residence, sitting before the fire with a glass of wine and knitting in hand and dinner served by our own private chef, Marcus, who is a hoot as well as a good cook!Ireland_4

The project I've designed for this tour is a long, dramatic vest, which I've named Chartres after the cathedral in France.  The vest and stitches used with its counter play of black and jewel tones reminded me of stained glass windows found in so many European churches.  For materials, I've used black mohair and many colors of Noro Kureon and Silk Garden as well as a half dozen solids. 

Much of the yarn was from my stash (all worsted weight).  The varieties of stitches and techniques I've incorporated will keep us busy and entertained for the whole trip.  These include a modular square which forms the front and back yoke with slip stitch pattern; chevron shapes which form the underarm gussets; the Entrelac technique, which makes up most of the front and also found on the back.  (We will learn to knit backwards in undertaking entrelac).  Finally I have used corrugated ribbing and knit-on I-cord for finishing. 

There is also a bias knit scarf which can be worn several ways. For those who prefer a sweater, I'll have directions for sleeves as well. To top it all off, we will needle felt the buttons and embellish them with beads and trim.  All in all, lots to sustain your interest over the length of the tour.  I'll always be available to help and tutor, not just on the workshop days. 

Here is a brief summary of the tour.  For a more detailed itinerary with photos, please go to:  E-mail me if you'd like to get on the waiting list.