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Belissima! Bravo!!!!

BELISSIMA has gotten rave reviews at our Hilton Head Art League show at the Art Center.  Part of my new figure series, she is set in a soft mauve and grey hazy landscape, wearing a gown perhaps straight from the Milan runways.   


Click on the image for a larger look.

I was especially pleased at one compliment a few days ago in which the speaker said she was reminded of works of Gustav Klimt in seeing BELISSIMA.  

Perhaps I have been, subconsciously, influenced by his work.  He is one of my faves, but I was mostly thinking about how I could make the evening gown “my own”, that is to say, my own style of painting.  

We did, however, plan a whole trip to Paris last September with the main objective of seeing a very special sound and light show of Klimt’s works.  I managed to spoil all of our plans by taking a very big fall only two hours after arriving in Paris, breaking my hip and bringing our vacation to an abrupt end.

BELISSIMA is a generous 24” by 30” acrylic with some collage.