"To the Rescue"

Coming Home

Still wet on my easel. 

This was definitely a tough one, primarily because I did not start with a story, but rather, a beautiful piece of handmade tie-dyed paper from Nepal.

I was mesmerized by the repeating deep blue pattern on a parchment background. I knew it had to be a piece of furniture.  But what then?

I started with a pale yellow and ochre underlay and then added many layers of transparent colors.  In one of these layers, the dog appeared and I just could not cover him/her up.  I added some stencils for rugs and another chair outline which I decided should be dark blue suede but with narrow stripes of collage cut from an old painting.

But I still needed a “story” so I added a person ... really liking the abstract-ness of her/him and how the colors worked and were reflected in the painting on the wall, yet another abstract!

Collaged chairs and corrugated frame on wall painting done last.

And the story?  I added my suitcase and titled it “Coming Home”, reflecting my immense relief returning to the USA after breaking my hip in Paris last month.  After all, isn’t everyone happy to return home?  Especially if they have a wonderful pet to welcome them back! 

Acrylic collage, 30” x 24”.  $675.  Handmade paper, acrylic, pastel, crayons, chalk, graphite.