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How to art

15-09_04 - Donna

1.  Find very old window frame:  Check.

    Drive to Elmer's Barn in Whitefield, Maine, an hour away.  Traipse thru so much broken glass, thankful I'm not wearing sandals.  Hundreds of old window frames stored in creepy old shacks, some leaning precariously against each other.

2.  Break remaining glass out of frame (carefully!); pull out a gazillion tiny metal bits holding the glass in place:  Check.

3.  Sand frame so that paint won't flake off on nice client's Persian rug:  Check.

4.  Varnish frame:  Check.  Inside out and both sides.  Get the nooks and crannies!

5.  Paint and collage six pieces, different but similar:  Check.  (This is the hardest part!  But oh how I love putting interesting, unusual, surprising, funky, textured collage elements in each one!  It took me more than a month to get each one just right.)

6.  Varnish each piece so that it will not fade:  Check.

7.  Drill and insert hanging screws on back of frame:  Check.

8.  Using silicone cement on frame and each painting, mount into frame:  Check.

9.  Add hanging wire:  Check.

10.  Sign each piece:  Check.  Barnako!

Et voila!  "Building Bridges, Mending Fences"