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Something New for Me


Blame it on my being a Gemini! I just can't stick with one métier, although I HAVE been married for 45 years :)

A year ago I began taking abstract/mixed media painting lessons from Jennifer Duncan at Great Falls School of Art, the nonprofit foundation arm of Great Falls Studios.  I have long admired Jennifer's painting style and have one of her pieces on our family room wall.

Painting has been a struggle for me in a much different way than making jewelry.  First, I can't draw worth a plug nickel.  

And while I love working with all the colors and mixed media materials, I find myself sitting in front of a blank canvas confounded:  WHERE TO BEGIN?

Jennifer has been very good with exercises to help us overcome this painter's bloc.

One exercise was to bring a favorite item to class and make a stencil of it to use in our design.  The item I chose was a cowboy boot, a Christmas prezzie from my Husband in 2013.  And thus "Wrangler" was born.

Many many steps were involved in the creation of Wrangler creation.  In the end I was pleased with the results.  The ultimate validation of my new venture, however, was winning second place last Friday at the Great Falls School of Art student competition. You can see how surprised I was!

And here is the second (and probably last) boot collage which I call Bad Girl. I've incorporated 100 year-old sheet music in the boot's decorative swirls.


The moral of this story:  I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.  So, the painting continues. But I still can't draw.