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Ready, Set, Shop!

New additions from my jeweler's bench, just in time for the holidays.  Everyone needs some bling and there's no better bling than when it's hand made.

I am happy to trade-in/exchange if "his" choice is not yours.  You are also welcome to come to my studio to have a look-see.  Just send me an email and we will set up a mutually convenient time. [email protected]

Here's are some of the pieces I've just finished.  You can see larger versions of each bracelet by clicking on its image.

Burnt Out Agate 

141211 22158
I've had this beautiful stone for at least a half dozen years, uncertain of the best possible use for it.  It is solid agate that has undergone a special process to burn and remove layers and reveal the depth of its colors beneath.  I've attached it to three layers of copper.  I embossed the middle layer with a design of music.  The bottom layer has been torched to a beautiful patina.  Wire working surrounds the stone itself.  This is not a cuff for a petite woman!  It is adjustable and should fit firmly on the wrist.  $275

Have Ruffles, Will Travel

141211 22159
This cuff has a Sterling Silver base with a secondary layer of copper with two etched Sterling Silver accents riveted to it.  I had mucho fun hammering the creases into the copper and then creating the ruffles.  When I assembled it, I thought the silver just looked too plain next to the copper, so I ruffled it too!  $275

Que Sera

141211 22163

Embossed Sterling Silver on brass.  This lovely piece is a do-over.  I had it completely finished but was not happy with the results, feeling that the wire which I had wrapped and curled all around was not study enough for frequent wearing.   So I had to rip it apart, not an easy thing as each piece is so solidly made.  My basic problem was that the hole through the gorgeous stone (Mexican fire agate) was not large enough for a thicker gauge of wire to pass through the required four times.  Making the hole larger would have surely broken the stone.  I ended up using only one thicker wire which worked and gave this embellishment a more scroll like look.  $275.


141211 22166
I started this cuff thinking I would design one similar to Que Sera above, but when I had completed the striped matte and glossy piece, I thought it too striking to cover with a second piece of metal.  So I looked through my vast collection of goodies and found this vintage enamel with topaz and citrine glass stones.  I had to separate it into three pieces and rivet each one to the cuff.  Added another diagonal accent for more visual interest. $250.