Faux Chanel
Cover Girl!

Bonjour from Durfort, France!

I'm in the middle of a two-week adventure in the south of France taking a metal jewelry making class with Keith Lo Bue.  He is a very talented, kooky guy from Connecticut who moved to Australia about 20 years ago. 

There are twelve of us taking the class. We’re from all over the world.

We are  staying in a 17th century restored village town home.  Our studio is at the top of the house with lovely beams and skylights, but never enough work space!

One assignment was to make an object, jewelry or otherwise, that was autobiographical.  

This first photo is of my workspace.

Almost all of the materials and tools were brought from home! (50 lbs. in my one piece of checked luggage).  There is a lot more on the floor, too!

I decided to make a "doll" that would be me.

2014-09-23 at 04-26-56

The photo shows the doll:  body from a small oil can, legs that are meant to be a battery tester, and a bald doll head.  All of these were found at French flea markets We’ve been to five. So far. :)

Here are a few smaller things I've made here.

2014-09-23 at 04-26-31

2014-09-23 at 04-26-43

You can see these pieces, and others I’ve done in this class, next month (Oct. 17-19) at the Great Falls Studio Tour at 1144 Walker Road.