If I had Wings
Bonjour from Durfort, France!

Faux Chanel

Nothing “faux” about the fact that the summer is ending, here in Maine and back home in Virginia.

Had a lovely lunch this afternoon at the Osprey restaurant, overlooking the Robin Hood marina.  The sky was clear and blue and the sunlight so bright you HAD to wear sunglasses.  Is it less air pollution? I don’t know, but the brightness is startling.

Even though we’re hundreds of miles away from the east coast media meccas, we do get The New York Times.  And when I saw a woman's Chanel purse advertised for $8,000 in the paper, I knew I could copy it.  


My version is a brooch in copper and bronze, textured, torched, etched and enameled and much less than $8,000.  

It's available at $150. Unless someone snaps it up before, it will also be available at the Studio Tour next month, Oct. 17-19. I'll be exhibiting at 1144 Walker Road, First Floor in the Great Falls Foundation for the Arts (GFFFTA) classroom

Hope to see you there!