Silver Shadow
Semper Fi

My newest - Lavender Blue

Necklace2 19035The focal point of is a beautiful gold and purple enameled piece about 2 & 1/2" long  which began life as a stick pin almost a hundred years ago.   I found it in a little shop in Round Pond, Maine and then let it percolate on my workbench for a long time.  I even made a finished piece out of it but felt it did not complement the precious enameled pin enough.

Finally I was able to torch fire a piece of bronze just the right colors of antique gold, purple and royal blue to serve as a backplate for the pin.  At that point I also had to make another backplate the exact size of the pin so that I could affix it to the bronze.  

An easier, but unacceptable other method would have been to simply glue the pin to the bronze.  Making Cold Connections jewelry, which I do ( as opposed to soldering components together) absolutely frowns upon using glue (the dreaded G Word) in your work.  I actually had to make two of these fitted backplates as the first did not fit as tightly as I wanted in order to uphold the piece's integrity.

Next, rivet a custom bail and the special backdate, add a few decorative divots and a handsome double loop gold brass chain with my special wireworked clasp and you have Lavender Blue. ($235) SOLD.