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Why do I teach?

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I love sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge about metalworked jewelry with my students and I also love to see how proud they are of the pieces they finish in my classes.  It's especially gratifying to see the same faces coming back for more.  It makes it all worthwhile to have feedback and compliments like the one I just received from Adele:
I have signed up for Diary in Metal already and will be signing up for color metal… in April.  I am very excited about taking your classes.  You are a great instructor and very creative.  I love learning from you, although, I can learn the technique, I’ll never be as talented.
Thank you so much, Adele.  But you are wrong about one thing:  you guys are very talented and always coming up with twists on what I've taught you.  
Keep up the good work and hope to see more of you on January 25th,  February 8th and April 12th.  See classes and schedule here.