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Meet Pippa

Hi, my name is Pippa Barnako.  I am a four-and-a-half month-old Briard, a French herding dog and I have been a "Barnako" for about 7 weeks. 

Pippa_in_pearls 8508
Do you like my necklace?  My momma, Donna (or "Owner" as my dad prefers) made it for her upcoming studio tour.  I just borrowed it to have my portrait done.  A girl's gotta look pretty.

I hope you'll come and meet me and see all the great handmade jewelry Donna has created for the Great Falls Studios Tour on Saturday and Sunday, October 20-21, 10-5 each day.  I'll be in Momma Donna's studio, #10 on the tour, down a short drive off Beach Mill.  Follow the signs and balloons.

The complete brochure with map and descriptions of all 49 participating artists is available here:  This same brochure is being sent to every Great Falls mailbox and the McLean 22102 zip code, too.  There's also a big insert in the Connection newspapers with even more information and great ads.

Another reason to visit the website is Artbucks.  All you have to do is register on the site (see Artbucks) and you have a REALLY good chance of winning one of forty $50 Artbucks good towards a purchase from any of the artists on the tour.  Winners will be notified by phone the morning of Friday, October 19.

I hope to see you.  I'm very shy but once I get to know you, I am WONDERFUL.