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Work, Work, Work!

Now that we are comfortably settled in Maine for the summer, I can get down to some real work

For whatever reason, I find that I can be incredibly productive here.  Even with only about 1% of my tools and supplies from back home, I can somehow get things done.  

Workworkwork 2
What a nice surprise it was then to have a group of neighbors and friends visit and see what I've been doing.  In addition to my new pieces, I was able to show them many others that I had brought along to restock my display at DebraElizabeth's, my favorite clothing boutique in historic Wiscasset, Maine.  

Workworkwork 1
With a great location right on Main Street, right next to the gourmet food emporium, Treats, and just across the street from world famous (no kidding) Red's Eats, she gets all the traffic passing through on Route One on the way to Downeast Maine.  While the husbands dutifully wait in line for several hours at Red's (it's just an old lobster shack, really!) the women shop.

I was especially pleased  to show my visitors two macramé necklaces I just completed using vintage and artisan made beads that are very special.  

The black and white, which I call Hollywood, is now available at DebraElizabeth's and is a reprise of one that I made for The Artisans in McLean, Virginia.  I am holding on to the second one, Bayou, because I will be teaching "it" this Fall.  It features a beautiful Red River Jasper stone from which all the beads and macramé hang.  I purchased several while in Santa Fe in March so that my students will be able to make the same or almost the same necklace.

My next posting will feature a step-by-step photo essay of some beautiful earrings I made with 6 gauge bronze wire.  That's about as thick as a soda straw and it caused some real challenges for my barely acceptable supply of tools  that I brought with me. (car space is at a premium!)

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