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 Some Festive Gift Ideas from
the Jewelry Studio of Donna Barnako
It's Never Too Late! 

Here are some last minute ideas for your holiday shopping list.  I am happy to giftwrap, mail, welcome you to my studio, send other photos, whatever you would like to make your gift giving (and receiving) as easy as possible.  I do take PayPal, too! Below are descriptions of some of my newer pieces.
A freshwater cultured pearl necklace with matching earrings.  It is meant to be worn at the base of the neck, has a lovely sterling silver and matching pearl clasp and unusual paddle shaped pearls that give a ruffled appearance.  Wonderful with a plain cashmere sweater!  $175 for necklace and earrings.
"Painting with Fire"
This is a classic designed bead crocheted necklace with a stunning handmade glass focal bead.  I purchased the focal bead in Rockland, Maine from a design studio called "Painting with Fire", hence the name.  The bead crochet takes me many, many hours to complete, about one inch in an evening, and this is after I've strung the 15 feet of beads needed to do the crochet.  There are sterling silver accents and clasp and the beads are a Prussian blue with antique gold to complete the effect.  $200.
A really fun to make and easy to wear necklace.  It allows me to raid my stash of wonderful antique and exotic findings I've gathered over the years.  The necklace is a long chain meant to be crossed over rather than clasped.  On each end I've assembled some accents.  The close up of either end gives you the idea:  an ancient Berber enameled medallion, an equally old sterling and onyx studded globe, a sterling wire worked bead I've made, quartz, Swarovski crystal  and a really wonderful royal blue "found object" from my endless antique market forays.  Wear it to the super market or to the White House, a real conversation starter.  $180.
Photo #276 "Scarab"

A linked bracelet that incorporates so many techniques:  cutting with a jeweler's saw, riveting, etching designs with acid, torching for color, oxidizing for an antique look.  The bracelet features a vintage 2cent stamp (Statue of Liberty), watch parts, a bumblebee, semiprecious pumpkin agate and turquoise.  $250.
Have a very wonderful, warm holiday.
The best to all for a healthy and happy 2012



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