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Jennifer's Choice

 Isn't she beautiful?  (Click on the image to see a larger picture.)

Jewelry_0913 3192

This is my latest piece which I'm calling Jennifer's Choice.  I was inspired by a painting done by my friend Jennifer Duncan, a fellow artist member of Great Falls Studios.  

GFS has a  web site: with a virtual gallery which changes each month.  The gallery is magnificently curated by Will Tuthill and September's theme is Feelings of Home.  

Jennifer has several pieces in the gallery, but I was particularly struck by In the Attic.  The colors and textures spoke to me and invited me to see how they would play out in my medium:  wearable art. 

The necklace has a foundation of macrame, many hand made and vintage beads and dangles from a glass circle.  The double chain and clasp are pretty special, too, as befits this beautiful piece.  It sits just below the base of the neck and would look wonderful over a solid-colored V or round neck top.  One-of-a-kind, truly.  It's $275. 

Jewelry_0913 3193
Don't forget our Great Falls Studios fall tour and open studios on October 15-16 (Saturday/Sunday) 10am-5pm.  There are 48 participating artists, including Jennifer, whose work will be at the Atelier in Great Falls.  I am opening my studio as well.  Come, visit. Programs will be available in just a few days.  

I have lots of work to do on our return from Maine!

Goodbye to Summer

Has your summer flown by like mine?  We are in the last few weeks of August with still so much to do.

That's not to say I've been lolling around eating bon bons every day.  We've eaten our share of lobsters and had a wonderful four day reunion of Delta Zeta (Penn State) sorority sisters here in Maine.  There were eight of us and you would never know that many years separated our last visit. (Photo?) 

Somehow the weeds keep coming back even though I painstakingly dig them up by their roots.  

I am proud to say that I've harvested beaucoup tomatoes, ONE zucchini and NO peppers.  Oh well, maybe next year.  

Ben, my sweet Bouvier has gotten used to our almost daily jogs...he starts squeaking if I try and leave him behind.  No more plein air jogging once back in Virginia, though....too much traffic, heat and humidity, so it's back to the creaky old treadmill. 

I have been so very busy making jewelry, especially experimenting with colorations and oxidation of metals.  I have obtained the most beautiful turquoise shades on brass and copper using ammonia and am excited to be teaching a class on it this fall.  

My full class description and schedule at Stars in Vienna, Virginia is shown below.  Some of my new pieces are displayed as well. 


I will be one of 48 artists opening studios for this very popular event. If you would like me to mail you a program, schedule and map, please let me know.  Everyone in Great Falls will receive one in their mailbox.