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I have been asked by a number of people at my shows to please make some brooches as they are so versatile to wear. 

I made some "easy" fibulas which you can see at my December 28 blog posting and now I have just completed these two large pieces, one in copper and the other in silver. 


I really had fun incorporating interesting charms, beads and bits of metal which I've texturized, antiqued and in the case of the copper, put in an ammonia tent to achieve the beautiful teal colorations. 

There are also Raku, enamel and resin beads I've made and other ephemera (love that word!) I've collected in my travels.  The brooches are perfect to be worn on a coat, sweater or loosely woven scarf.

In a few days I'll give the details of a one-day show I will be doing on Saturday, March 26, all day, so try and set the date aside!  I'll also be posting photos of three terrific new pendants I've done...I HAVE BEEN BUSY!