And A Good Time Was Had by All
New year, new designs!!!

Thanks for the Memories

I've just completed an interesting commission for a very nice lady who wanted to give a commemorative Christmas gift to each of her sisters-in-law. The gifts were in memory of the two sisters' mother.

I was given two vintage watches, pearls and some wonderful old photos which had been miniaturized so that I could incorporate them in the pieces.
The result was two very different brooches:  one was wire-worked gold and the other was etched metal-worked copper.

The latter presented a thorny problem as it had a mesh band which I had to saw off and a large backplate which ultimately had to be epoxied onto the etched copper as there was nothing to latch onto.
Both brooches were design challenges, something the "one-off" artist faces every day as he or she invents and creates anew every time.
Maybe you have a cherished piece or artifact that you would like incorporated into a new, more contemporary piece of jewelry?  Let me know.  Email me,


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