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Maine, the Way Life Should be

The oft-repeated slogan that sums up perfectly the lifestyle and attitude of this laid back State.  I say it frequently when we have a glorious day of weather and scenery or when we have an unexpected encounter that seems far removed from our experience in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. ToolsThis was the case when I recently sought to have my jewelry-making wire cutters sharpened.  They were manufactured by a company called XURON,  which just happens to be located in Saco, Maine

I have two pairs which have had heavy use over the last five years or so, and they've performed wonderfully.  The #2175F Maxi-Shear is especially useful in classrooms because it has a retainer which latches onto the short piece of wire that can fly across the room unless you hold your finger right next to it as you're cutting.  It will cut up to 12 gauge wire.  The other #9200 is a workhorse with tapered head and can cut up to 14 gauge wire.  Both are under $25 and THEY'RE AMERICAN MADE!

Both of my cutters were dull and nicked from use.  When I emailed the company, I was warned that they might not be able to "fix" them because of the nicks.  I sent them anyway, figuring things couldn't get worse.  When I followed up a few days later, I was told that they were beyond repair but XURON WAS GOING TO REPLACE THEM AT NO CHARGE!
So this is my testimonial to this excellent company and the products they make.  I recommend them to you!
XURON CORP. 62 Industrial Park Road, Saco, Me. 04072.  Email:  [email protected];  These products may be purchased from and  among others.


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