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I'll be teaching new classes at Stars

Great Falls Studios Tour, Oct. 16-17

Over 40 artists will be opening their studios (me, too!) in and around Great Falls for this once a year BIG event. 

This will likely be the only public opportunity for you to see my new work this Fall. 

Come visit in my treetop studio where I will demonstrate etching on metal at noon each day.  See also an array of gorgeous new necklaces with pearls in amazing colors and shapes.

Look for our program booklet (it's one you will want to keep for reference) with photos and descriptions of each participating artist's work  and a colorful map of Great Falls with studio locations.  The booklet will be abundantly available throughout Great Falls, including restaurants, hardware store and library, or, if you are geographically challenged, email me and I'll be happy to send you one.
Also, look for our Great Falls Studios 36-page insert in The Connection newspaper (Great Falls,

McLean and Reston editions) on October 6. 

As in the booklet, all the same map, photos and artist information, plus great ads from businesses in our community (including an "advertorial" by me ... but you'll have to look to see what that is all about :).



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