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Fantasy Fiber Necklace


Artifact My very most favorite thing to do recently is this, making my new design, Artifact

It takes several days to construct due to the number of steps involved:  etching the copper or brass which has been stamped with a design, in an acid bath; cutting the shape with a jeweler's saw, drilling the holes for the rivets, applying a patina and antiquing the metal, riveting the piece together, making the chain links and finally, applying a fixative.

The necklace, or pendant version, which I've called Ancient is very special, too.  I have acquired rare and unusual-looking stones and fossils from a stone cutter (lapidarian) in Tucson. 

For each I have custom cut an underpinning with prongs which I attach to a metal base.  The prongs fasten the stone to the underpinning, which I then rivet to the metal base.  There is one on display at The Artisans and I have two more on my work bench in progress:  one is a lovely fossil sand dollar and the second is a very unusual stone called Ribbon Turquoise.  It actually has a strand of turquoise cutting through it like a narrow river.  Quite beautiful.

I will be teaching Artifact, the bracelet, for the second time on Saturday, April 24 at Star's Beads in Vienna.


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