Seabreeze_1231 A lovely and delicate 17" necklace which hangs to the base of the neck. 

Its focal bead is an artist made polymer lentil that has one side that is crackled white with touches of pale turquoise; the other is an antique pale turquoise solid.

I found the piece at a show in Miami about 5 years ago and have been looking for the right combination of beads to place with it.  I believe I've found it in these 24 small square semiprecious  Aqua Terra Jasper stones, each one a little different, but they match the focal bead perfectly.  They in turn are separated by small Sterling cubes which have tiny stamped patterns on them. 

A delicate Sterling hook clasp completes the look.  Small drop Jasper and Sterling cube earrings are included.  $175.


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