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Brand New and Hot off My Hammer!

DOUCE_ET_DUR_web What do you get when you marry metal and silk?  Answer: An exquisite blend of textures and color, hot, cold, soft, hard...and you get my newest creation.  Shalll I call it Douce et Dur? (Click on the photo for a larger version.)

First, I made the silk tubular beads, painting and then embossing the silk, rolling it up and making it into beads. 

Then the silk beads had to sit for a while as I contemplated them and their best presentation. 

I began making dangles with little charms of Topaz Swarovski crystal and hand made glass beads, added lots of vintage Lucite leaves.  My color palette was coming on strong, Topaz, dusty rose, copper, mauve.  I loved it! 

But what to do with all these pieces of a puzzle?  I tried many styles of chains that I have in my abundant inventory :) But in the end, I decided I would have to MAKE the links myself.

So next step was taking some thick copper wire and trying out various sizes and shapes of links.  Large and round,I decided. 

With that decision made, I formed and hammered links to make them flat and very textured, the more to reflect the light.  I placed a cute little "bead" at the join of the link, added my charms and dangles (with much moving around, trading for size, color and symmetry. 

Finally I completed it with a chain in oxidized copper that gives the wearer three options:  wear it very long (35"); wear it cropped (20") with the unused chain dangling down your back or as a second chain in the front.

Oh yes, I made some matching hoop earrings to go with.  It's Douce et Dur and it's $350. (Earrings included).

Two classes in May - sign up now!

I have two classes this month. In June, we will be leaving for Maine, land of lobsters, antiquing and blueberries!

One Wireworked Bangle on Saturday, May 23, 1-4pm in my Great Falls Studio. At left is a photo of my last class and their finished product. Click on it for a larger version  There is space for one more person in this class. 

Fee is $65, which includes $15 for materials. 

The class is for beginners. You do not need to bring anything. I will supply the wire, beads and tools. (Google Map of studio location.)


Metalworks for Beginners on Friday, May 29, 10-4pm at Star's Beads in Vienna (139A Church Street, Tel. 703 938-7018). 

A really fun class where we make earrings and a pendant out of sheet metal (copper, brass and sterling wire) by hammering, torching, stamping, riveting and antiquing it. 

Students will learn to cut metal, use a torch, apply liver of sulfur and make rivets.  A very useful (and noisy) class.  Call Star's to register. (Google Map of Stars)

Some exciting retail opportunities are upcoming for me this summer in Maine, which I'll write about in June.  Also, I'm already planning new fall classes in Metalworks II and a fun fiber bead that makes fabulous jewelry.