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This October will be our third annual trip to the west coast of Ireland where I'll be teaching a 3 day workshop on knitting as part of an 11 day tour of Ireland.  A big highlight of the tour will be our visit to the huge Knit 'n Stitch Show in Dublin.  This is about the biggest fiber/stitchery show, having venues in London and Edinburgh as well.  Our tour is full but if you'd like to read an article from Belle Armoire magazine about our 2005 trip, click on  the "Articles about Tours" in my categories section.

You can also read an article from Knitting Style magazine about our trip to Australia and New Zealand.  I had 23 people on the trip...quite a handful!

Am already starting to get excited about next year's trip/tour/workshop which will to be Isle of Skye in Scotland (September 2008).  Stay tuned!   


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