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Flea Market Finds

Judi Well, I'm guilty of FleaMarket-can't-stay-away-itis.  And the visit of friends Judi and Richard Teske this past weekend gave me, well, another excuse to visit the thrice weekly Montsweag Flea market, a mere eight miles away from Wiscasset (aren't I lucky?).

My last cool find was an old, old tiny red table with decals for FOUR DOLLARS!  Fits perfectly next to the toilet to hold my beading magazines :)

Judi and I went last Saturday and found more old treasures:  carved jadeite stone totems.  Judi asked me to make a necklace of hers and at first I was going to braid some multi-strands of beads, but had a better idea:  I would make a Kumihimo fiber braid and this is the result (also pictured are my two "totems"). 

Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese technique that had many ceremonial uses but was also used by Samurai warriors.  The intricate braiding was used to join pieces of their elaborate armor together.  The Japanese used thin strands of silk but when you employ funky nubbly and eyelash yarn, totally unique textures are produced.  For Judi's necklace I had some great tulip shaped copper cones and embossed toggle clasp to give the piece a finished look. (Click on the photo for a larger picture.)


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