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Ceramic beads at Ingram Gallery

Ceramic_beads Now that we're back in Maine, I've re-established my relationship with Ingram Gallery on Main Street in Wiscasset.  Larry Ingram has two of my pieces right in the front window, including "Dance the Night Away" which he's priced at $585 (includes earrings :)

He did pretty well selling my things last summer for only a month or so, so we'll see how it goes.  Many, many people pass by every day, most are waiting in line for hours at Red's for the 'world famous lobster rolls', only a block away.

The pictured piece features 5 very old ceramic beads from 1850's Japan.  Larry asked me to make up a design with them and luckily, I had some perfectly-matched freshwater cultured "potato pearls".  These are separated by turquoise disks and tiny copper balls.  The big surprise is that I have added an "extender" which can be taken off and worn as a bracelet, making the necklace a princess length, or if worn long, the necklace can be passed over the head.  It thought it was pretty cool and he loved it!  (Click on the photo for a larger picture.)


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