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Ceramic beads at Ingram Gallery

Belted Cows

Belted_cows_3 On the way to lunch with  my friend Joy/Maine, (as opposed to Joy/Tucson) in Freeport, Maine last Friday, we passed by a field of the most amazing cattle.  She told me they were "belted cows" which I had never heard of.  They are all black with an all-white belt of color around their waists. 

Since I was driving, I couldn't snap a photo, but found this one on the Web (Click it.) They're called Belted Galloways and I think they're pretty neat.

Since Joy's birthday is this coming week, I wanted to do something special for her and so I made some Belted Cow Earrings!  (Click the photo for a larger picture.) Aren't they cool?  I know she'll get a lot of conversation out of them!


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