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Fiberworx: Marrying my love of fiber with beads

Having been a knitter for oh-so-many years and a designer yarn shop owner for 15 years, I will never outgrow my love of fiber. 

Many of my jewelry pieces reflect this.  Sterling wire crocheted or knitted earrings, bead crocheted necklaces, needle-felted earrings, pins and buttons and fiber and bead necklaces.  The last is a class which I teach perhaps once a year at Star's Beads in Vienna, Va. (called Froth and Glitz Necklace).  It is both fun and a challenge to put together funky yarns with hundreds of beads in a pleasing combination. 

I currently have four pieces, well really three as one was just sold.  Professional photographer Greg Staley has taken pictures of them.  (Click on the photos to see a close up.)

Carnival_7Mardigras_2 Rocky_road_3

(Black, magenta, purple, olive and burnt orange)

(Black, aqua, lime)
(Taupe, black, cream).
Rocky Road's been sold but can be recreated in similar colors. Please allow room for artistic freedom. :)

Each is priced at $250 and contains many special beads including vintage, handmade, copper, brass, sterling. 

A fourth piece is on loan to a gallery.



Hi Donna, I joined you class last month a Star's Beads and it was a lot of fun! I want to a make better necklace than the one I made in the class, but don't where to go to buy nice, furry, and funky fiber. If you remember, I said that my necklace was balding due to the hairless fibre I used :)

I appreciate your help and thanks again for the wonderful class.


PS: Pls email me back at [email protected]. Thanks, Donna!

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