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My Cache-Pots

Cache_pot_1_2 I have been having the most fun making these little earrings that I am calling CACHE POTS (pronounced 'cash-po'). Translated from French, it means ornamental pots for flowers.

I begin with two wonderful focal beads (one for each earring) which may be pieces of Murano glass I bought when we were in Venice, or some great handmade torch-fired beads which I have collected in every color of the rainbow.Cache_pot_2

These are then put on a silver, gold or copper headpin and I carefully sew a tiny bit of fiber above and around the headpin.  I embroider easily 100 or so smaller beads:  flowers, leaves, seed beads, charms, on this tiny bit of fiber and then may add other fringing or embellishing to top it off.

The result is a terrific bit of whimsy that is sure to bring  smiles.

Prices are generally $70-$85.  (Click on each photograph to see a larger version.)


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