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Although I've only been without service in a few areas around SC, 3G coverage drops off like a cliff when you get more than a mile out of town in any direction :-) Enjoyed TWIT, was happily surprised to hear SC mentioned.

I also liked the SC plug, I live about an hour east. Heading there this Friday for woman's vball match.

Good to hear you on TWIT.

I did a double-take when I heard you mention SC on TWiT. I have to agree with Anthony. I am a local and once outside of SC/Bellefonte (and off I-80) 3G and good broadband service disappears. My parents pay the same as me for less than 1/3 of my speeds 20 miles out of town. However, within the confines of SC (and surrounding area) you are always in good coverage - both via 3G and the many wi-fi hotspots.

At my house in Boalsburg I have a solid 16-19Mb/s down and 9-12Mb/s up on my Comcast Blast! service, which is well over their advertised speeds. I've actually always been amazed out how good my service has generally been for the price after hearing how much people are paying for slower service in metro areas like San Francisco. I'm not sure if it's a side benefit of the the massive pipes the University runs to Pittsburgh or because of Coudersport (the original network center for the defunct Adelphia - now Comcast) being a couple hours north.

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