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My guess is that Amanda aspires to be an actress more than an anchor. That's the type of work she was looking for when she hooked up with Andrew. But even if Andrew didn't actually tell her to take a hike (as she claims), it matters not: for most folks, Amanda *was* Rocketboom. Stick a fork in RB; it's DONE.

Note how extreme popular Amanda Congdon is among overweighted and grey bearded white men. By the way, I didn't like her highschool acting and Rocketboom very much either.

Rocket Boom, to me, was a big yawn. It was interesting to see the technology at first, but after that...YAWN.

Next subject?

Hello... $20,000 a day! If there are 200 shows isn't that $4M in top line revenue?

Andrew and Amanda built a business producing a $4M run rate without incurring any debt and new he thinks she is fired. She still has 49% of whatever he can put out by July 10th even if she's not involved otherwise the back catalog of shows should be subjected to a legal process of negotiated settlement.

Most marriages don't create $4M is value but they still use lawyers to negotiate a settlement of the shared assets.

I expect both Andrew and Amanda to do well in this new media outlet. Andrew just needs to select new talent and Amanda needs a bit of technical support building a web service and selling advertising.

By the way, you're $20,000 per day is *completely wrong*. Rocketboom got that price once for a week's worth of commercials they produced themselves. Then Earthlink came in with another price lower than that for another week. Baron didn't even have a business plan.

"charging advertisers *as much as* $20,000 a day."

"you're $20,000 per day is *completely wrong*. Rocketboom got that price once "

um, if they got that price once, it's not wrong to say they 'charged advertisers as much as $20,000 a day.' You say it's *completely wrong* and then prove it's right in the next sentence. nice.

$20,000 a day wrong? Nope, look at the rate card.

They should have just cancelled The Daily Show the day Craig Kilborn left.

Sorry -- I re-read what you said:
"each episode and charging advertisers as much as $20,000 a day."

Yes, technically this is correct -- but it gives the false impression that they were raking it in. They ever only sold two weeks worth of commercials to TRM and Earthlink.

This from Chuck Olsen:

"This may shock a lot of people who falsely thought Rocketboom was pulling in $85,000/week, an off-the-cuff remark from Scoble. That is the highest number on the Rocketboom ad chart, but that doesn't mean they're reeling it in. It's a huge potential energy in need of a business partner to convert into kinetic monetary energy."

Congdon a hottie? You must be having a laugh. That or you don't get out much.

She attracts interest from the geeks because she looks like a girl; blonde, blue eyes, breasts.

Frankly, I could care less how she looks, but what I find truly shocking is that anyone (much less the thousands of losers with nothing better to do) can abide her annoying, middle school-level buffoonery. I guess I am the only one with this opinion, but she is horrible, insufferable, and if there is a God, her visage will never again pass before my eyeballs.

Amanda Congdon, please, please, just go away.

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