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This is an excellent post. Those of us in the podcasting world are still flailing about trying to figure out a business model that makes sense. Some, like The Podcast Network,( based in Australia but with shows like mine all over the world, are looking to an advertising-sponsored model and require real, objective data to go to market with.

My own show, The Cranky Middle Manager Show has over 6,000 downloads a month with a very targeted audience of managers and middle managers around the world. Surely there are sponsors out there who would love to get their hands on that demographic at a reasonable price but we'll need more than my sweaty,fevered opinions about who's listening... we need good data and this, while a start, ain't gonna help.


Wayne Turmel
host/producer The Cranky Middle Manager Show

Many thanks for your extremely useful analysis. I wrote a post about this too on my blog, with a link to this very page, and I´d like to share it with you:

I never really trusted those Nielsen Ratings, now I definitely don't!

if you can not understand music add podcast so try

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