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    Since 'relaxing' from, I have rekindled my interest in photography.

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I'd like to see Anna Quindlen Blog.. maybe she already does. I'd second seeing a Tony Bourdain blog.

There are numerous bloggers who already give you a well rounded education

1) Jim "Mad Money" Crammer on CNBC( he won't necessarily make you money but he will teach you an MBA's worth of knowledge on Investing)

2) Keith Olbermann - there are few people
who are both informative and entertaining
on the things that directly affect your lives

3) George Will - Is there anyone in the US who writes better

4) Michael Kinsley - He used to write for Slate (still does) he clearly articulates a point even if its from the left

One of the best bloggers in my book is Rex Hammock, who blogs at

Rex blogs much in the same manner you do, Frank, which is, about the media and the internet, not necessarily in that order.

He would be qualified to take your place, ahem, one day, only, of course, when you are ready to do something else.

Kevin Phillips. I am reading American Theocracy and I finally get why we're at war in Iraq - the resources - the trajectory - the finances and eventually the probable collapse.
donna joslyn


Charles Osgood-- CBS Sunday Morning
Charlie Gibson-- ABC Good Morning Show

do you realize that erma bombeck was the original blogger?

1) george soros - this man has such keen insight
2) bill clinton - such an intelligent articulate man
3) tyler florence - he i so much more personal than tony bourdain

I'd really like to see Jade Walker from the Blog of Death write in her blog full-time. Her obits are so evocative...the best on the Net...and ever since she started working for the ap, she doesn't post as often. When she does though, it's amazing stuff.

I'd also like to see a Bill Clinton blog and I would love it if Alton Brown of the Food Network would blog more.

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