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Skype, though free, sucks! The sound quality is awful - even with high-end headsets. I have SunRocket, and own no shares in it. This VoIP service is only $16/month, call free anywhere in US, Canada, and some other N. American places. So, that puts it $10 under the monthly cost of Vonage. If your calling overseas for long periods - Skype is the way to go, but if your calls are in the US - drop the local phone service and use VoIP for your calls.

Thanks for canceling - now maybe the smart ones that don't believe an idiot like Kessler will have a few more shares to make $$ off thanks to your naivety. I'm not sure if Kessler was included, but there was a lot of negative press around Google too when it first debuted. Kessler freely admits in his Wall St. Meat that he knows little about finances and was a tech guy coming in to the business. No offense but his Hedge Fund abilities don't seem too great from what I've read. Anyway to each his own - but in Kessler's comments he implies that Ebay is brilliant - ok? So if Ebay is Brilliant for paying over $2bill for Skype which has only $24mil in revenues, an interface system for techies only, and can't market to mainstream telephone users - then that makes me stupid for paying the same $$ for Vonage - which did $124 mil in revs LAST QUARTER??!!! VG has a product that can be set up by a blind man - and they market like they own Madison Avenue. So again Thanks for being a gullible guy that will inevitably make it much easier for those that, like with the Google IPO, don't believe everything they hear from the jealous and ill-informed media. However as a blogger you should also disclaim that you really don't know valuation methods and that Kessler, an over-rated ear-tickling author, has a poor track record for you to believe any financicial advice he so freely offers.

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