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Podcast Ready is addressing the issues of understanding and obtaining podcasts.

We have a software technology that transforms most ordinary MP3 players into independent podcast subscription managers and receivers. We've been marketing it to various player manufacturers and the first "podcast ready" devices will be in Target stores by the end of April, to be closely followed by Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Amazon, and a others.

The web services that interact with the devices provide (among other things) a browser button that allows users to subscribe to podcasts from any web page or directory with a single click. All of this is accomplished without installing any software on the user's computer so they can get their podcast from most any Internet-enable PC. It truly is an easy, ready-to-use solution right out of the box.

The site is in beta right now, and undergoing major face lift at the moment, but the main functionality is there and solid. In addition to the basic management and subscription functions, the site also allows the users to choose individual episodes to receive (rather than subscribing to the entire feed) and share individual episodes with friends in the system.

Our goal is to help bring podcasts to the mainstream public and make it as easy as possible for people to find and enjoy the content they want.

The site and the software are in open beta and we welcome any comments and feedback.

Russell S. Holliman

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