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Eventually, the strength of podcasting will not be in how it duplicates what is available from existing media sources (ie -broadcasting), but in how it offers programming that cannot be found on them. My own Podcast, Mister Ron's Basement, a daily reading of humorous stories from the public domain, ought to be a tiny niche player, but it has been getting about 10,000 downloads a day (approx 100 GB of bandwidth daily) and passed the One Million download mark in less than a year.
In the broadcasting field, these numbers are tiny, but the point is that thousands (eventually maybe millions) of different podcasts of "uncommercial" nature will give people choices that simply aren't available on traditional mass media. Find something that stirs your interest, and you'll listen to it.
The old fashioned model of chain radio stations cherry picking pre-packeged content is going the way of the horse-drawn omnibus. :)

Oops. That's "pre-packaged"

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