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With millions of blogs already there and millions more coming online, who has time to read our blather?

How many blogs do you read in a day seriously? Two, three?

So save yourself all the agony - This is the madness all over again - just because you have a web site up and running, doesn't mean that people take the time to come visit. Same thing with blogs. Nobody has the time and the more blogs there are, the probability that any single blog gets the attention of anyone goes down even as we speak, even as more people start their own blogs.

So save yourself the trouble. No one really has the time even if they care about what you have to say!

Speaking of bloggers,where are the ones with noses for news? For more than two weeks a post written by this poster --- AL MacLeese -- that rips a hole in the MySpace myth and reveals the true powers behind its rise,a pair of disgraced West Coast business and there wives, but read the post and find out that most chit-chat about MySpace of late has lafcked a fatal element, some basic truth. al macleese, lving in Maine where life is like it ought to be.

Yes, but let's wait a moment... stay calm... until we see if Oprah picks up on it.... ;-)

To paraphrase a funnier man than I: rumors of blogging's demise are greatly exaggerated. It's not a stretch to think that *early adopters* are feeling blogged out - they've been at it for a good four or five years. Show me someone who doesn't feel the need to shake up their routine every half decade or so, and I'll show you... well, a very dull person.

Sure, blogs are popping up like weeds. The key distinction (as Frank indicates) is between pithy, informative, provocative blogs and blahblah navel-gazing blogs. The challenge as I see it is to establish yourself in the former group and then not lose your edge, or your passion for keeping the blog. There are plenty of eyeballs for good blogs, and there will continue to be more.

Even as someone who has never been a particularly popular blogger, I find that the blogosphere can be a major drain. For those blogs that aren't explicity focused on "current events," sometimes one just runs out of relevant material. I blog about college; I can only write so many posts about laundry day.

Current events blogs don't have the same material issues, but they run into other problems. It can be really disheartening to feel as if you're shouting yourself hoarse about the same themes on a blog day after day--even if many people are listening.

To use an analogy, American history is full of authors that wrote a great American novel, then faded into obscurity. Would J.D. Salinger be considered so important if he continued to write novels about adolescence today? Why should we expect that just because a given blogger made her mark at one time, that she should always be able or willing to continue doing so?

Thanks for an interesting post. For me, it's all about time....time to think of blog topics, time to post on my blog, time to research links, time to read what's being said about me (if anything) in the blogosphere, time to read other blogs. I've only been blogging for one year, but I can certainly understand how blogging for a few years can burn a person out.

I am an English-American wishing to do precisely what you bemoan is on the decrease - using my new blog to converse with the blogosphere.

Problem is, I am a "blogging dummy." I don't want to inspect my navel. I want people to read my blog and respond. I want to get out there and be heard. But, to be honest, I can barely spell Technorati, let alone know how to use it, and Permalink, and RSS, and Feeding this, and delicious that.

HELP!! Where do I get the basic "Bogging for Dummies who want to Converse not Monologue"?

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