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How can it be a rumor if Business Week already declared it months ago?

They should do it: After all, they already have millions of teens addicted to IM. It's a natural. And, if they make it safer than's a winner.

Thanks for the kudos, but honestly I read the DownloadSquad story and the Dave Winer story when everyone else did. I have no control over our 180 bloggers--NONE! If I ever tried to tell them what to blog they would leave... that's the nature of bloggers. In fact, I know our bloggers (i.e. the DownloadSquad team) are much harder on AOL than other services--and they should be!

Also, I didn't talk to Winer (you can ask him), but I know who did... but I'm not saying... and I'm not leaking the fact that I know who knew and what they knew and who they told and when, perhaps even why.

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