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  • I'm a journalist.

    Since 'relaxing' from, I have rekindled my interest in photography.

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Hello Frank:

I too was at Gnomedex and I’m sorry I miss you. I heard you were sitting next to Dave Winer via his blog.

Any hoot, I’m the "behind the scene" tech dude for The High Octane Trading (HOT) Radio Show. I just don’t get any RESPECT! LOL! Just kidding!

We have been podcasting since the beginning, the first investing and financial podcast.

We are a small team and if you find it valuable to your readers to write about how a small financial podcast is using RSS and podcasting to spread
it's wings and is on the same footing as some of the major investing/financial radio shows, I think it would be a BLAST!

I am hoping to read about it in Frank Barnako's Internet Daily how a tiny financial podcast is going shoulder to shoulder with the major investing/financial podcast in iTunes!

All the BEST!

Ricardo Rábago
Tune into HOT Radio... the ONLY podcast that teaches you...
How to Buy and Sell the RIGHT STOCKS... at the RIGHT TIME...
for maximum PROFIT!

Recent Press Release:

Podcast name:
High Octane Trading (HOT) Radio - The First Investing and Trading Financial Podcast Show.

Here is a tutorial /wiki on the chaptertool:

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