Frank Barnako

  • I'm a journalist.

    Since 'relaxing' from, I have rekindled my interest in photography.

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personally I don't consider myself a "journalist", I don't consider the shows on The Podcast Network to be "radio" or "journalism", and I don't want to be considered these things. I want to help invent a new form of inter-personal communication. The shows on are recordings of human conversations. When I listen to a show on TPN, I am listening to my peers discuss subjects that I am also interested in. Journalism is a 19th century concept that was formed in an environment of limited access to publishing tools. Journalism is one-to-many, talking AT, not a conversation. Blogging and podcasting, for my money, is about conversations. If we just use the new technology to do the same old thing, what's the point? Let's continue to invent a new form of communication to go along with the new technology.

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