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I tried to be interested, checked the Webby page, and clicked one "winning" link that resized my browser window and started a very artistic but absolutely useless flash animation. I couldn't close the page fast enough and have no interest in anything that might be published on that site.

If a site that commandeers my display is a winner then the Webby Awards and their selected sites are complete losers.

I dutifully went through and voted based not on popularity -- I hadn't known of many -- but my experience with the websites listed on the Webby Awards' People's Voice website. Having been online since the 70s (ARPANET), with a design career, I'd figured at least some of my votes would be in the majority. Wrong.

While I applaud many of the winners for good work (for example, who can argue that the BBC News provides an excellent news website?), I agree with you, Frank: unless you're big and institutional, your chances of winning a Webby are slim to none.

I do urge your readers to check out the award nominees, however: several merit their attention. I loved the Big Fat Institute For Advanced Interactive Experiences ( and Organic City ( These and other entrants showed real passion, not just a passion for sales.

There's no question that it's getting more complicated and competitive to be a $uccessful web site, and to have the resources to do new and cool and multimedia things.

At heart, tho, I'm a "content" guy. And with all the value in blogs and podcasts, I'm just disappointed so little of that talent, dedication, and even sacrifice is being recogized.

Maybe it's time for ANOTHER awards competition.



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