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Katie is a fish out of water as a News Anchor. All that personality will be loss describing the next blunder, crash, hurricane, etc.

We need to keep Bob Schiefer to maintain news integrity.

Katie is not a serious journalist.

Katie should blog. It would help squelch her detractors and give CBS the blog jolt they need.

But I'm betting she won't.

We're more likely to see Campbell Brown pick up push-button publishing. Now that she's a disgruntled employee, she has plenty to write about.

It seemed odd to pull from The View instead of from their own team. She'd been stepping up in the last few months.

Please tell me how someone whose interviewing capabilities consist mainly and almost entirely of the words "I know that...", "right...", "I was just going to say that...." absolutely...." and more egotistical pourings out of similar 'I want you all to know that I already know everything that everyone else is saying...' can demand the money and air time that Katie Couric does from NBC ????
I think her move to CBS is the best thing in the long run that ever happened to NBC and not such a 'sad'?? loss that hype is being heaped on !!

Since Peter Jennings' death, we have relied on Bob Schiefer for our news. We didn't think anyone else could win our confidence but Mr. Schiefer has. We are just sick about his impending replacement. We don't know where we will go for our national news. It won't be Ms.Couric. "The cbs decider" sounds a lot like our current president. Neither seem to care what the people think.

I'm definitely going to miss Bob when Katie takes over. I mean, Katie will probably do fine but I've been really bowled over at how much Bob's leadership has restored my interest in watching the evening news. Ah well.

As an avid blogger myself, I suppose it goes without saying that I think Katie should blog as well. This would be an excellent way for her to "ground" her broadcasts in the context of how the ordinary citizen feels and thinks about issues.

I watched Dan Rather after Walter Cronkite. Dan was not really good, I thought we got too much Dan. I liked Peter Jennings and Tom Brocaw(sp. problem)Tried Katie and found her out of her environment. News to me is to provide details about events in the world that interest or effect me. She did not demonstrate the ability for the task,according to my defination.

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