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» iTunes Upgrade with Podcasting Support Ships from Micro Persuasion
Frank Barnako reports that the new version of iTunes, 4.9, is available for both the Macintosh and Windows. And it includes this bit: [Read More]

» More Thoughts and Screenshots about iTunes 4.9 from hyku | blog - Josh Hallett
I have posted some more screenshots on Flickr for those who do not have iTunes. A few more thoughts on the new version of iTunes: - The main Podcasts screen is very commercial (Disney, ABC News, Queer Eye, existing Talk... [Read More]

» Profile: iTunes 4.9 from TechCrunch
Service: iTunes 4.9 with Podcasts Launched: June 28, 2005 What is it? As was widely anticipated, iTunes 4.9 launched today (22 mb download) for both windows and mac platforms. It includes significant new and enhanced features, including, most not... [Read More]


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